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Employment with Woodsmere - Head Office Management Team

Woodsmere Holdings Corp. has developed its own property management team and currently manages all of its own real estate holdings throughout western Canada through its Head Office located in Victoria, BC.

Directed by President, Daniel Jadresko, and Comptroller, Sandy Jadresko, Woodsmere’s Head Office is backed by a professional team of support staff which regulates, manages and controls not only the full functions and operations of Woodsmere Holdings Corp. & its property management division, but also provides all the management functions for W & J Construction Ltd. as well.

Market research, acquisitions, development plans and designs, construction project planning and management, financial planning, financing, handling all accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and records management functions for both companies are included in the many responsibilities and challenges our Head Office staff perform on a daily basis.

Woodsmere Holdings Corp. Head Office is located at:
779 Blackberry Road Victoria, BC V8X 5J3

Phone: (250)-477-1207   Fax: (250)-472-1297