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Woodsmere Holdings Corp. is an aggressive company which continues to grow throughout the industry at an unbelievable fast pace and successful rate. Each year, Woodsmere Holdings Corp. along with W & J Construction Ltd. open an average of two properties to meet the rental market demands in today’s progressive economy

New Head Office – Victoria – Now Open!

Woodsmere Holdings Corp. - Head Office, Victoria BC
Woodsmere Holdings Corp. has completed construction on its new Corporate Head Office in Victoria BC. This new Corporate Head Office is home to the headquarters for Woodsmere Holdings Corp. and W & J Construction Ltd.

Tri City Apartments – Cold Lake – 94 Units – Construction Begins 2020

Tri City Apartments
Woodsmere Holdings Corp. will commence construction in 2019 on 94 Apartment Unit in The City Of Cold Lake. This project is located at 6812 – 47 Street, Cold Lake, Alberta and consists of 2 – 47 Unit Apartment Buildings plus a Rental Office/Storage Building. Each building will consist of 8 – Three Bedroom Units and 39 – Two bedroom Units. This project will be called Tri City Apartments.

Tofino – 446 Units – 26.61 Acre Residential Mixed Use Community

Tofino Site Plan - Woodsmere Holdings Corp.
Woodsmere Holdings Corp. is proud to announce the purchase of 26.61 acres of land (825 Campbell St. – District Lot 116) in the District of Tofino on Vancouver Island. Woodmere Holdings Corp. has submitted a formal rezoning application to the District Of Tofino for a Comprehensive Development Zone. This zone will include a mixed use with a focus on residential rental type housing. We look forward to working closely with the District Of Tofino to develop this project which will address the needs of the community and a project we can all be proud of.
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Belmont Place Apartments – Victoria – 222 Units – NOW OPEN!

Langford Apartments - Jacklin Rd.

Woodsmere holdings Corp. has recently purchased 5.12 Acres or 223,027 sqft. at 3130 Jacklin Rd. Langford, BC. With the completion of the Rezoning Application and Development Permits, Woodsmere Holdings Corp. has now completed construction on this new development consisting of 222 purpose built apartment units.
This new project consists of 3 – 74 unit buildings. These Langford apartment buildings are 5 storey’ s of residential units on top of a concrete parking garage.

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Glenshire Property – 9.22 Acres – Victoria – Coming Soon

Glenshire Development

Woodsmere Holdings Corp. has purchased 5 lots in Langford BC zoned Commercial/Industrial (M2) and Residential. These lots are 1297 Glenshire Dr. 2929, 2995 Sooke Rd. & 3201 3211 Loledo Rd. for a total size of 9.22 Acres

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Orono Place Apartments – Victoria – 120 units

Woodsmere Holdings Corp. has recently assembled and acquired 4 homes at 852, 856, 858 and 860 Orono Ave. These 4 homes will be redeveloped for another quality purpose built apartment building developed by Woodsmere Holdings Corp.
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Courtenay BC Apartments Development – 94 Units

Courtenay BC Apartments - Development
Woodsmere Holdings Corp. is currently developing plans for 2600 Mission Road in Courtenay BC. Woodsmere is proposing to build 2 – 47 Unit (94 units total) 4 story purpose built apartment buildings at this 1.06 hectares location.

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Glen Lake Apartments – 119 units

Glen lake Apartments - Front View
Woodsmere Holdings Corp. is currently developing plans for 3145 Aggregate Crt. in Langford BC. Woodsmere is proposing to build a 119 unit purpose built apartment building at this location.

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2627 Sooke Road – 90 units

Sooke Apartments Elevations
Woodsmere is proposing to build a 90 unit purpose built apartment building with a 1365 SQFT Commercial Space at this location.

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These are unprecedented times and as responsible residential property owners and managers, we want to support our residents with important information and resources.

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